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Cuban Terrorists in Congress

If you support a terrorist, you’re a terrorist.” – President George W. Bush, 2003

By President George W. Bush’s definition, we have had three (currently two) members of Congress who qualify to be labeled terrorists. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, and Mario Diaz-Balart have given unwavering support to murderous terrorists in their South Florida lair for over 20 years.
Orlando Bosch (now deceased) and Luis Posada Carilles are responsible for the death of 78 innocent souls in the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 in 1976 as well as a litany of other crimes documented by the FBI and NSA. They have never faced justice. They have been protected through pardons and clemency brought about by the efforts of their three terrorist collaborators, Ros-Lehtinen and the two Diaz-Balarts. Posada was involved in the bombing of tourist sites in Havana in 1997 that killed one tourist. Posada told the New York Times it was one of many terrorist acts financed by Jorge Mas-Canosa, founder of the Cuban American National Foundation. Mas-Canosa can be considered the Osama Bin-Laden of the Caribbean, a billionaire financing terror but keeping his distance from it.
When the FBI went to Havana to investigate the tourist bombings, Ros-Lehtinen fought to shut down their investigation. Posada was arrested in Panama in 2000 for attempting to blow up a university auditorium filled with students to hear a lecture by Fidel Castro. When he was convicted and jailed,  Ros and the Diaz brothers – the ‘Tres Chiflados’ (three stooges) as they are known in Cuba wrote to the President of Panama on US Congress stationary pleading to have this murderous terrorist released from a Panama prison. He was freed and sneaked into the US illegally. His terrorist collaborators saw to it that he was given clemency so as not to have to be held accountable for the murders on CU 455 or in Havana.
 Ros-Lehtinen, nicknamed La Cochino (the pig) by Cubans is despised by Cubans from all walks of life. She is considered Public Enemy #2 after Luis Posada. This is a result of all the pain she has brought onto the Cuban people and the protection of acknowledged murderers. Men in Cuba argue over who would get to her first with a machete if she ever set foot in the country,The Diaz-Balarts’ father Rafael was Deputy Interior Minister in the Batista Dictatorship. The Interior Ministry oversaw kidnapping, rape, torture, and executions. I sat for two hours one evening in Havana with a 74 year old woman who participated in a Rosary in Havana. She told me a story about alleged conduct by Rafael Diaz-Balart 56 years ago that had me in tears for two hours.
Memo to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
implicating Luis Posada Carilles in bombing
of Cubana Flight 455. Cubans say every morning
this terrorist faces south from Miami and gives the
families of his victims the middle finger.I have met family members of victims who say, “Your country brought the Pan Am 103 bomber to justice. Why does your government protect this murderer?”
Dictator Batista’s Deputy Interior Minister Rafael Diaz-Balart is pictured in the center amid the Masferrer Brothers, two of Batista’s freelance killers who formed their own paramilitary group. They are suspected of killing 2,000 civilians before 1959. The Batista Interior Ministry raped, tortured, and executed several thousand. According to those who fought against Batista, no one ever left a Batista prison alive. The building which houses the Law School at Florida International University is named in honor of Rafael Diaz-Balart.


Cuba 54; It’s Time to End the Abuse of 11 Million People by the Miami Cartel, by Paul LeBon; 191 pages, Amazon.com

Shows the impact of the Cuban Embargo on the people of Cuba, driven by corrupt, self-serving politicians Ilieana Ros Lehtinen and Lincoln & Mario Diaz Balart, spawn of former Batista thug and alleged executioner Rafael Diaz Balart.