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Rafael and Ted Cruz – Biggest Cuban Con Artists since Rosie Ruiz

Before the bombings at the Boston Marathon this year, the biggest scandal to hit the Marathon was 1980 when a non-sweating Cuban-born woman with flabby calves named Rosie Ruiz rode the subway across Boston to the finish line and claimed to have run the entire 26.2 miles. What made this especially scandalous was that she crossed the finish line as the first woman and was crowned winner, much to the shock of the professional racing community who had never heard of this Cubana-Americana. Within days she was stripped of her crown.
Well, after a thirty year hiatus of high profile Cuban Con Artists, we now have the father son team of Rafael and Ted Cruz. Ted was elected to the US Senate last year, riding the coattails of his father’s lies about having fought in the Cuban Revolution at age 14 and fleeing Cuba  for his life . Ted and Rafael Cruz have misled the Tea Party, the Republican Party, and the voters of the Great State of Texas with false tales of heroism in the Cuban Revolution. Furthermore Rafael’s stories of working as a 50 cent an hour non-English speaking dishwasher in Austin, Texas while attending English-only University of Texas are likely hogwash, but if they are true as the Senator insists, they would have subjected Rafael Cruz to being deported as an illegal immigrant. (what is referred to in a Tea Party You Tube video as a ‘job stealing wetback working for sub-standard wages stealing a job from an American’)
This likely lawbreaker Rafael Cruz could not have obtained a Social Security Card from the INS as he claims. Foreign students did not qualify for SS Cards, and the cards have never been issued by the INS. They have always been issued by the Social Security Administration via US Mail.
Rafael Cruz states: “So I found myself at 14 years old involved in a Revolution.” Rafael was 14 in 1953. In 1953 there was one incident, the July 26 raid on the Moncada Barracks. Fidel Castro and his rebels who survived were jailed then released in May, 1955 and they departed for Mexico. They returned from Mexico on December 2, 1956. The first battle of the Revolution took place January 17, 1957 at the Mouth of the Plata River. This is around the time Rafael Cruz – the son of an affluent Matanzas, Cuba family and ally of the Batista Dictatorship – would have been anticipating leaving Cuba to attend the University of  Texas in the late summer of 1957.
This Con Artist tale begs the question: how does a boy who claims he had left his home in Matanzas at age 14 and was gone for four years ‘in the Revolution’ missing all four grades of high school get accepted at an American university, especially by just ‘writing a letter’ at the last minute. No surprise that Rafael Bienvenido Cruz is not mentioned in either Museum of the Revolution in Cuba.
Cubans who fought in the Revolution were incensed at hearing Cruz’ claims that he escaped death several times and managed to get away ‘by the Grace of God.’ The say that he ‘urinates on the graves of true youth heroes like William Soler, Jose Echeverria, and Frank Pais.’ The living Cuban heroes label Rafael Cruz a ‘bola de grasa’; a greaseball. The true heroes suspect that Rafael Cruz, the son of an affluent family, was possibly a spy for the Batista Dictatorship who later granted him an exit visa, perhaps infiltrating the FEU or the AAA and setting up youth leaders for torture and execution.
The bola de grasa even goes so far as to claim that Fidel Castro used to travel around Cuba ‘talking about hope and change’ though Fidel never made any public speeches during the run up to and execution of the Revolution. This claim merely allows the Cruz Cuban Con Artist to compare Barack Obama to Fidel Castro. The scary part if that the suckers in groups like Freedom Works and Tea Party believe his crap hook line and sinker. A con man comes along once a generation, but there are suckers born every minute, wearing tea bags and American flags.
Liar, Liar Pants on Fire Cruz Videos
There are two Ted Cruz You Tube videos. One exposes the fraudulent claims by Rafael Cruz of heroism in the Cuban Revolution with rebuttal and commentary by actual heroes of the Revolution. Also highlighted is misrepresentation of facts and Rafael Cruz’s illegal work history by Senator Ted Cruz. It runs approximately 15 minutes.
Full Video with all of Rafael Cruz Tall Tales, Fraud, Deception and Illegal Work History
(criminal work history, in Tea Party terminology) Also lies and deception by Ted Cruz
The second video is abbreviated and deals simply with Rafael Cruz’ illegal work history when he claims he came to the US in 1957, with affirmation by Senator Ted Cruz. It runs just over 2 minutes
Two Minute Abbreviated Version – Rafael Cruz’ history as an illegal, working for substandard wages and stealing a job from an American
Thanks to Bob Weir Flower Mound, TX
His American Thinker article raised red flags about Rafael Cruz’ tall tales and led to Rafael being exposed as a fraud and Ted as a liar supporting that fraud