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Cuba 54 – The Book

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Cuba 54 is about the wonderful people of Cuba and how they have been abused for 54 years by the Miami Cartel, made up of remnants of the Batista Dictatorship which was toppled in 1959. ¬†Among it’s many topics the book details acts of terrorism perpetrated against US and Cuban targets by terror cells operating from Miami with support and protection from members of the US Congress.
 The book debunks many Miami-based falsehoods about Cuban life,
and lays forth a path to end this decades old grudge driven by vengeful & morally bankrupt Cuban-Americans, offspring of the remnants of the Batista Regime. The book is based on Paul LeBon’s real life experiences and interaction with individuals across Cuba over Nine Mission trips. Those in the ‘Miami Cartel’ who claim to be experts on Cuba have never been there! Yet they inflict their rage and animus on the people who have refused to overthrow the man who destroyed their crime syndicate known as the Batista Dictatorship.
And the Miami Cartel holds our government hostage as they perpetuate a $40 Million a year scam known as the Cuban Democracy Movement. Most of that $40 Million makes its way into the pockets of sycophants, hangers-on, and parasites in Miami who pay tribute to morally bankrupt elected officials and operate organizations which are rife with nepotism, cronyism, and corruption. Very little of that $40 Million ever makes it’s way to Cuba. Many citizens in Cuba have been stunned to view the IRS 990 forms of these groups showing how much money they receive in the name of ‘Cuban Democracy’ and how much is squandered by Miami parasites. Cuba 54 will open the eyes of any moral citizen as to what is going on in Cuba as a result of the greedy and amoral conduct of the Miami Cartel.