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It’s Official – Mauricio Claver is a Genius!

He goes by the label Muaricio Claver-Carone, but hey this is America – speak English and use only one last name. Hyphenated names are limited to married professional women. But I digress.


Mr. Claver spend his busy work day at Capitol Hill Cuban (Terrorists) accomplishing various tasks, including paying homage to the Cuban terrorists who serve in the US Congress and writing a daily blog/blast email. Now one might think that this is a simple job that any simpleton could do, but that is not the case. What one recognizes as one reads Mr. Claver’s daily post is tremendous deep research. While some bloggers seem to be graduates of  MSU (making stuff up), not Mr. Claver. All his postings are truthful and fact-checked.

Case in point, today’s blog post – “Was Castro Complicit in Kennedy’s Death”. Mr. Claver throws overwhelming amounts of data that quite frankly for a mind not as brilliant as his is overwhelming. And in the end, Mauricio Claver-Carone, one-man brain trust of the Capitol Hill Cuban (Terrorists) concludes that  “Castro and a small number of Cuban intelligence officers were complicit in Kennedy’s death.”

Wow! What the Warren Commission, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and countless independent investigations could never resolve, was concluded by Mauricio Claver. Fidel was in on it. Why let this brilliance go to waste? He’s spewed enough vitriol against the Castro brothers to keep the fires warm for several months. So why not put him to work solving other notorious crimes? Since there were no global characters involved, he should be able to solve the Jonbenet Ramsay murder rather quickly. Jimmy Hoffa’s been missing a mere 38 years since 1975; that’s less time than the Kennedy Assassination.

When he solves those crimes he can turn his attention to resolving unanswered questions that Cubans and some Cuban-Americans have harbored for years. As Deputy Interior Minister under Fulgencio Batista, did Rafael Diaz Balart allegedly order the murder of 2000 political enemies? Could the number be higher? Could it be less? Could Rafael Diaz Balart be misunderstood and wrongly impugned and the fact is he never ordered one person executed? Surely Mauricio can get to the bottom of this.

The next matter Mauricio could resolve is whether or not – while Interior Ministry thugs were picking girls off the street to put to work in US Mafia owned brothels – he allegedly raped 74 of them after they protested that they were virgins and he told them he would train them in sex. Could the number be higher? Could it be less? Could Rafael Diaz Balart be misunderstood and wrongly impugned and the fact is he never raped one girl? Surely Mauricio can get to the bottom of this.

Finally, Mauricio can resolve what kind of shenanigans Rafael Diaz Balart engaged in during trip to Paris when he cowardly fled Cuba 10 days before it fell in 1958. Was Rafael Diaz Balart one of the 20 Batista Government officials who had secret numbered bank accounts in Switzerland? Why did the Spanish-speaking Interior Minister who was eventually fleeing with his family to the United States go to France instead of Spain? Was it so that from Paris he could catch a train and travel 300 miles to Zurich?  Zurich, center of Swiss banking, the home of anonymous, numbered bank accounts. (like Mitt Romney has)

Of course Diaz Balart is dead and buried so there would be no way to bring him to justice. But validating the suspicions of the Cuban people would give Mauricio Claver legitimacy that he is an intelligent individual, not merely a water boy for Capitol Hill Cuban (Terrorists).


Commentary added to Rafael Cruz video

The video about the life and lies of Rafael Cruz, father of US Sentaor Ted Cruz has been updated with commentary further highlighting how dishonest and amoral the man is:

Rafael Cruz – Fraud & Freeloader on Taxpayer Dime

This video also contains commentary  by two authentic heroes of the Cuban Revolution who comment on Rafael Cruz’ outrageous lies

President Obama plays to the Miami Cartel; vague in his comments about Cuba

President Barack Obama appeared at a fundraiser yesterday in Miami at the home of Jorge Mas, son of the late Jorge Mas Canosa. The elder Mas Canosa could be considered the Osama Bin Laden of the Caribbean because according to the notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carilles Mas Canosa financed most of his terrorist activities. The elder Mas Canosa also harbored fantasies of returning to Cuba with ‘his people’ and taking the country over when Fidel Castro died. He told this to Tom Brokaw in an interview in the early 1990’s. Mas Canosa beat Fidel to the grave however in 1997, unable to fulfill his fantasy.

“Keep in mind that when Castro came to power I was just born, so the notion that the same policies that we put in place in 1961 would somehow still be as effective as they are today in the age of the Internet, Google and world travel doesn’t make sense,” the president said, referring to Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban revolution.

“But I think we all understand that ultimately, freedom in Cuba will come because extraordinary activists and the incredible courage of folks like we see here today,” he told a small audience at the home of Jorge Mas, a telecommunications equipment executive. “But the United States can help.”

The president is mistaken. The small handful of activists in Cuba are hamstrung on two fronts: 1. The $20 million Miami Cartel’s organized crime syndicate known as the ‘Cuban Democracy Movement’ is bled so badly by the parasites who operate miltiple NGOs that the Cubans receive little more than minutes on their cell phones. They are not given the resources that go wasted in Miami for luxury offices, auto leases, travel, entertainment, deadbeat relatives on the payroll, and of course political contributions to the ‘bosses’ – Ros Lehtinen and Diaz Balart.

2. 70% of Cubans today were born after the Revolution. They have lived their entire life under the watchful eye of the CDR – Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, a neighborhood watch for any political activity that runs counter to Castro. Hence the number of ‘extraordinary activists’ on the island have a total number less that an NFL team roster. They will never be able to overcome the fear that residents feel about taking part in a public movement. One small ‘independence cell’ that started up in Santa Clara was actually led by a Castro loyalist seeking to identify others who opposed the government.

The only way to bring about change on the island is to open the island up to American tourists, letting them flood the cities and towns across the country, interacting with Cubans and sharing ideas.  Of course the usual suspects, Ileana Ros Lehtinen, the Diaz Balarts and the other stakeholders in the $20 Million organized crime syndicate fight this tooth and nail. In spite of thousands of casa particulars and paladares (private family owned guest houses and restaurants) the Miami Cartel bring out their mouthpiece Mauricio Claver Carone to repeat the old canard that ‘tourism puts money into the Castros’ pockets’. Some of it eventually may make it to the government coffers, but why doesn’t the Miami Cartel’s crime syndicate want to help their fellow countrymen advance the,selves financially?

At least for the Diaz Balart’s it may be a desire to keep Americans from hearing horror stories about their father Rafael, the former Batista Deputy Interior Minister who allegedly ordered the execution of hundreds of Batista’s enemies, and who cowardly fled the country with his family ten days before Batista fell. If word of his reputation spread, someone might take a hammer and chisel and remove his name from the College of Law building at Florida International University.

Here is hoping that President Obama free himself from the Miami Cartel and seek wise counsel with respect to Cuba Policy from people who care about the Cuban people, not about lining their pockets and continuing to extract revenge.

Updated Videos

The two prior videos were a full length and abbreviated version of Rafael and Ted Cruz’ lying. This video has now been updated and here is the link to the new video:


Rafael Cruz – Fraud & Freeloader on Taxpayer Dime

New Video:

Rafael Cruz attacks Michelle and Barack Obama – Back to Kenya or Benghazi