Mauricio C.C. Little – ‘The Sky is Falling, The Sky Is Falling’

The house buffoon at Capitol Hill Cubans (Terrorists) is at it again. In his lone work output today he hits the Cuban people with claims of an expanded outbreak of cholera and claims that the Castro government has covered it up. What a foolish notion. The outbreak began earlier this year at a concession stand in the national baseball stadium.  Immediately civil worker were put in place at all public buildings to wash the hands and shoes of people entering and leaving the buildings. In March, the Cuban government accepted a humanitarian donation of $25,000 worth of hand sanitizer that was distributed throughout the Havana municipal area.

Now we all know that Mauricio C.C. writes wild stories that are designed to shock and shake open the wallets of the Cuban-American saps who fund his terrorist-support organization. But here is one time where any Cuban-American with an IQ greater than Congressman Mario Diaz’ might stop and ponder the question, “Do we have any similar situations in the US?” Well to all you Cuban-American supporters of the Capitol Hill Cubans (Terrorists) let me answer the question: It is Yes, and in much wider affectation.

Mauricio C.C. is shocked, shocked, that there have been 678 cases of cholera in Cuba with three deaths. Isn’t he shocked by the fact that e.coli (which is a sister virus to cholera) infects 20,000 people per year in the US? Isn’t he mortified that in 2011 an outbreak affecting cantaloupes resulted in the deaths of 30 people?

You would think for whatever money they pay him that Frank Calzon and the Ros-Diaz Axis of Evil could hire a more qualified liar, one whose epistles would not lead people to question if Cuba’s standard of living might be better than the US’ in some regards. After all, if they began to question that, they might cut off Mauricio’s gravy train. 


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