Louis C.K. – step aside for Mauricio C.C. -new funny man

I look forward to 12:05 Central time everyday to get my laughs from the intellectually impotent Executive Director of Capitol Hill Cubans in his daily email. Considering writing this email is the only job responsibility this lightweight has, its disappointing that his fiction and humor isn’t more powerful. Granted his wild stories and overblown numbers of how many ‘political arrests’ take place every week are pretty entertaining. Entertaining because this genius’ numbers never match up with numbers put out by REAL Cuban Rights Activists in Cuba.

This week when he wrote his fake outrage about alleged ‘attacks’ on Ladies in White (again not reported by any credible source in Cuba) this buffoon stated that some of the ladies only learned about Los Damas by listening to Radio Marti! Come on Mauricio stop, you’re killing me! In 9 Mission trips and visits to 29 Catholic parishes in Cuba I have repeatedly offered a cash reward to anyone who could tell me they had heard Radio or TV Marti. As desperate as Cubans are for cash, they are not even willing to lie and claim the monetary prize. A few old times remember hearing the ‘angry old gusanos’ – Rafael Diaz Balart and Enrique Ros who spent their time ranting and raving about Fidel, effectively turning off the Cuban audience.

On behalf of his terrorist  sponsors Claver-Carone continues to perpetuate lies designed to make people believe that he and his terrorist sponsors care about Los Damas. The terrorists – Ileana ‘La Cochino’ Ros Lehtinen,and Coco y Loco the Diaz Balart spawn Lincoln and Mario could not care less about the Ladies. If they actually did, they would tell their allied parasites in the various Miami NGOs to stop bleeding and stealing money and making political contributions and instead send the money to the Ladies in White in Cuba. When I met with Ladies in White last Fall they told me they had not received one dollar from the Ros Lehtinen/Diaz Balart alliance of Cuban-American parasites.

For those readers who would like to see the Ladies supported and protected, the answer is simple: lift the ban on tourism  to Cuba and allow tourists to frequent the Ladies events in Cuba. This would push the police back; I attended Mass with a backpack with an American flag and that alone caused police and and others to back away. Tourists could stay in privately owned casa particulars, ride in privately owned cars instead of state taxis, and eat at paladares, keeping money away from the government and putting it into the hands of private entrepreneurs. Totally undermining the arguments of Ros and the Diaz’s, yet they rant and rave tirelessly against tourism. I have a theory as to why that is.

In my nine trips I have met hundreds of native Cubans. If I’ve heard once I’ve heard a thousand times that Cubans believe that Ros Lehtinen’s father was one of Batista’s thugs and that her father helped Batista accumulate the money he looted from the Cuban Treasury. I also hear repeatedly how despised she is; that’s easily understood since she is a such a vile person.  They hate her for trying to steal Elian Gonzales, for protecting murderous terrorists in Miami, for all her attacks on the Cuban people, for her role in the kangaroo court of the Cuban Five, and other reasons. She is so despised that men who argue baseball at esquina caliente when distracted by the mention of her name begin to argue about who would get to her first with a machete if she ever arrived in Cuba.

The Diaz Balart’s are despised as well – as an offshoot of the hatred for their father Rafael Diaz Balart. Cubans claim that in his role as Batista’s Deputy Interior Minister, the old man allegedly ordered the execution of some 2000 people by his assassins, the Masferrer Brothers. Cubans also claim that the father allegedly raped 74 school girls during his tenure as Batista’s Interior Minister.  No doubt these three are familiar with the crimes and misdeeds their fathers are accused of back in their home country. It only stands to reason they would not want tourists visiting Cuba and learning about these allegations.

Meanwhile, I wait for Mauricio to get off his knees and work up a sweat pressing the Send button tomorrow.


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