Play Ball, Cubanos! Oh no, what will Mauricio Whine About?

The Cuban government announced today that Cuban athletes, especially ballplayers, will now be allowed to sign contracts to play for foreign teams.  There will be two requirements placed on the players: 1.) that they pay taxes to the Cuban government 2.) that they be able to join the Cuban National team in international competition.  This is good news to the 39 Cuban-born players who currently play in Major League Baseball and great news for ballplayers across Cuba.

Those who do play here whose season path has taken them through Miami have been forced to pay homage to the Congressional Axis of Evil and to degrade Ozzie Guillen for his tongue in cheek remarks about Fidel Castro.

Black smoke can be seen rising from the offices of Capitol Hill Cubans today. Mauricio must be hard at work figuring out how to spin this negatively in order to get an ‘attaboy’ from the terrorist sympathizers to whom he reports.


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