Stand by for Mauricio’s Rant

The bile must be flowing in the headquarters of Capitol Hill Cubans as the Diaz Balart and Ros Lehtinen terrorist collaborators attempt to digest the Pastoral letter issued by the Catholic bishops of Cuba entitled ‘Hope does not disappoint’. The document calls for democratic political reform by the Castro government in conjunction with the ongoing economic reforms and for improved relations with the United States.  

“The hopes of a better future also include a new political order,” said the Catholic bishops in their pastoral letter published on its website ( “As has been the case in economics, we must have in our Cuban reality an update to national legislation dealing with the political order,” they added.

The Episcopal Conference is chaired by the Bishop of Santiago de Cuba, Dionisio Garcia. Capitol Hill Cubans have used vile words in the past to attack a humble man of God, Havana Cardinal Jaime Ortiega who is personally responsible for the release of over 3,000 prisoners from Cuban jails; they have referred to him as a Castro collaborator and Castro’s lackey. It will be interesting to see what labels Luis Posada’s collaborators and lackeys attach to Bishop Garcia. 

This may even be of more import so that rather than have Mauricio earn his keep by issuing a written rant Ileana might hold a ‘presser’ to denounce it with Mario standing beside her, modeling his usual blank stare.


One thought on “Stand by for Mauricio’s Rant

  1. Paul LeBon

    As expected Mauricio trashed the Catholic leaders in subsequent postings while praising ‘christian’ leaders (intentional small c)


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