Five Heroes, One Coward, and Dumb and Dumber

Today Cubans are adorned in yellow ribbons in honor of the Five Heroes, four of whom remain jailed in the United States after being convicted on charges of spying in the Banana Republic of South Florida in a kangaroo court orchestrated   by the terrorist collaborator Ileana Ros Lehtinen.

These five men had come here as Cuban patriots seeking to defend their country from terrorist attacks driven by Ros Lehtinen and her terrorist brethren, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carilles. They uncovered numerous plots in planning stages for attacks against government and civilian targets in Cuba. But as is de rigeur in the Banana Republic of South Florida the tables were turned under pressure by the terrorist collaborator Ros Lehtinen and the five were arrested. The Miami Cartel went into overdrive, intimidating jurors, holding pro-prosecution rallies outside the courthouse in much the same way the KKK did back in the old South. After a seven month trial, the intimidated jurors needed less than three hours to find the five guilty. One has since completed his sentence, but the others remain unjustly incarcerated in federal prisons. Hopefully one day President Obama or President Hillary Clinton will stand up to the terrorist collaborator Ros Lehtinen and right this wrong.

Now if one wants to examine an individual with a questionable character that came out of Cuba one could look at the former Deputy Interior Minister of the Batista Dictatorship, Rafael Lincoln Diaz Balart. This coward fled Cuba as his brother-in-law Fidel Castro was approaching Havana on December 20, 1958. In testimony rife with perjury before a US Senate Committee in 1960 Diaz testified that he had important business come up in Paris. Five days before Christmas, the French would summon someone from across the Atlantic on business? Oh, and he took his entire family with him.

Rafael Lincoln Diaz Balart was merely a coward, running out ahead of a trial and execution which would likely have taken place in the first weeks of 1959 after that Revolution was victorious. According to documents and verbal accounts in Cuba, Diaz Balart would have been charged with ordering the execution of 2,000 of Batista’s political enemies, and would have been charged with raping 74 minor girls. The goons from the Interior Ministry would round up high school age girls off the streets to be turned over to the US Mafia to be put into service as prostitutes in the brothels. Girls who protested that they were virgins and knew nothing about sex were allegedly taken to the Deputy Minister for indoctrination.

Rafael Lincoln Diaz Balart was one of those charlatans who proclaimed until the day he died that he ‘would not go back to my country until the Castro Regime was out of power’. Convenient cover – he had criminal indictments waiting for him if he ever set foot in Cuba which would likely have brought a death sentence.

Today his spawn Lincoln and Mario carry the torch. Known in Cuba as ‘Coco y Loco’ (dumb and dumber) a label slapped on them  by their uncle Fidel Castro these two have a visceral hatred for the people of Cuba. Because the people of Cuba never rose up to overthrow Fidel to let their family and some of the other Cuban terrorists in Miami swoop in and take over the country, they along with terrorist collaborator Ros Lehtinen oppose any initiative in Congress that would benefit the Cuban people under the guise that it ‘helps prop up the regime’.

The Diaz Balart brothers and Ileana Ros Lehtinen have collaborated with and given aid and comfort to terrorists in Miami for two decades. As George W. Bush said, “If you help a terrorist, you are a terrorist.” Which Cubans should be jailed and which should be free?  The Banana Republic has skewed justice; the innocent are confined and the terrorists are free.

Photo: Rafael Diaz Balart (center with gun) with his assassins The Masferrer Brothers; they allegedly killed 2000 Batista political opponents.



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